Reduce costs, carbon and construction time.

Obviously constructing a bound soil road base from just the pre-existing site soils will never be as strong as a traditional design highway. It will reduce costs, carbon and construction time but will never be as durable. Wrong !!! Have a look at this Arcadis research and testing report. Road deflection tests

Used correctly Zeolites improve the performance of concrete

The question we are asked most often is “What are Zeolites and why do you use them in your range of cement modification products?” The simple answer is because they work, the longer answer is that we have over 25 years experience with zeolites. It is essential that the right type and the correct dosage […]

A RoadCem soil crane platform can be 12x stiffer than a stone equivalent.

Soil stabilisation is a sustainable method for the construction of in-situ bound soil base for infrastructure applications. Where longer lasting and/or heavier loadings are required RoadCem is the proven answer. Just a 1% addition by weight of cement enables cement to become a far superior soil binder. Winner of multiple industry awards the Walton on […]

Expansive plastic subgrades, expensive granular materials & flooding risks.

Expansive plastic subgrades, expensive granular materials and risks of flooding are all familiar problems for the highways engineer here in the UK. Highway construction engineers in the Brazilian Amazon region face similar problems, but have found different solutions. Challenges in the Construction of Highways in the Brazilian Amazonia Environment

20th Anniversary of RoadCem Soil Stabilisation in the UK?

Last year we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of RoadCem in the UK. Well on looking through the Dutch archives recently we came across the following report of a large soil stabilisation project carried out for Tesco Stores on a very difficult looking site close to Great Yarmouth exactly 2o years ago The following detailed report […]