ConcreCem Nano additive for adding durability to concrete performance

Essentially, we at PowerCem love to tackle durability. The durability of PowerCem products reduce the high costs associated with maintenance and repairs.  To improve concrete resilience to degradation, PowerCem creates nanomaterials with a size range below 20 nm (0.02 microns), delivering chemical functionality increases long term durability.    Materials with a sub 20 nm particle size […]

Swell testing for High Sulphate Mercia Mudstones

At PowerCem we believe in durability. Recent independent testing showed that after 28 days our Zeolite based RoadCem soil stabilisation product reduced swell to negligible levels and reached a respectable 168 CBR after 28 days in soak when treating Mercia Mudstone tunnel arisings with a TPS of 3.5. (see results chart below) Swell testing Whilst […]

Piling Mat design with RoadCem

Piling Mat design   In all piling projects the stability of the plant is key and as such, a suitably designed piling mat is essential if the works are to be executed in a safe and controlled manner. It is particularly important that the working platform does not deteriorate or suffer from any movement and/or […]