Carbon Neutral Concrete Blocks without OPC

Carbon Neutral Concrete Blocks without OPC Cement production generates large quantities of fine grained a (<250µm grain size) waste material called cement kiln dust (CKD). Abeln et al. (1993) define CKD as a “fine particulate matter that consists of entrained particles of clinker, raw materials, and partially calcined raw materials”. The production of CKD means […]

Weather and Soil Stabilisation

Weather and Soil Stabilisation With traditional lime/cement soil stabilisation any rainfall during installation can result in a change in the moisture content of the soils being treated. This will adversely affect the structure of the stabilisation and its subsequent performance.  However when RoadCem is added this weakness and/or  failure will only occur in the most […]

Intelligent Hard Shoulders

Intelligent Hard Shoulders Roadside Management and Erosion Control for longer lasting Roads Integrated roadside management programs will always be needed because they combine the multiple missions of roadside vegetation control, roadside beautification, motorist safety, erosion control and preventative maintenance in one cost effective package. Every year accidents take place with cars slipping off the road. […]