20th Anniversary of RoadCem Soil Stabilisation in the UK?

Last year we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of RoadCem in the UK. Well on looking through the Dutch archives recently we came across the following report of a large soil stabilisation project carried out for Tesco Stores on a very difficult looking site close to Great Yarmouth exactly 2o years ago The following detailed report […]

nanoindentation testing of RoadCem Concrete

Two blocks of concrete were tested at the University of Ulster. Each had the same mix: 1111 kg/m3 of dry clay – 480 kg/m3 of CEM 11 – 366 kg/m3 of water One block had 4.9 kg/m3 of RoadCem added. Please read the full report, the nanoindentation test results were very different. Ulster University nanoindentation […]

Nano Zeolite Cement Modification for Soil Stabilisation

The Nano crystallization process developed by PowerCem Technologies is created by applying a mixture of soil of any kind (organic and inorganic), synthetic zeolites and cement. The porous and intricate nature of zeolite structures allows for the total hydration of the mixture, uniquely this allows cement to be hydrated to 100%, reducing cement requirements by […]

Safety issues with Piling Mats

All piling mats and crane working platforms must be constructed with rig and crane safety as the main design criteria. PowerCem Technologies in the UK, manufacture a cement modification product RoadCem, which based on zeolite Nano technology radically changes the way cement binds soils. The brittle particle gluing bind which takes place when cement alone […]

Replacing Cement with Waste Ash Streams

All UK contractors must now be looking to reduce the use of high carbon cement binders. Recent research by two UK Universities looking into reducing and replacing cement with ash waste streams has shown that both PFA and GGBS are effective for use in soil stabilisation. The results show that by adding just 1% of […]

Piling Mat Design

In all piling projects the stability of the plant is key and as such, a suitably designed piling mat is essential if the works are to be executed in a safe and controlled manner. It is particularly important that the working platform does not deteriorate or suffer from any movement and/or heave because in piling […]