Piling Mat Design

In all piling projects the stability of the plant is key and as such, a suitably designed piling mat is essential if the works are to be executed in a safe and controlled manner. It is particularly important that the working platform does not deteriorate or suffer from any movement and/or heave because in piling […]

Pot Holes ten more years of misery, at least.

“Whatever the outcome of the upcoming Spending Review for roads, the investment should be focused on preventing potholes forming in the first place” Paul Boss, Chief Executive of the Road Surface Treatment Association. Councils are working hard to keep our roads safe and resilient, repairing potholes as quickly as they can. However, it would cost […]

Do you have any soil stabilisation problems?

PowerCem have been in the UK for ten years now and right from day one, we have thrived on the virtually impossible soil stabilisation problems we have been challenged with. In January 2011 Costain could find no way using conventional soil stabilisation to construct the heavy-duty crane platforms needed for their prize-winning Walton on Thames […]

Are Our Roads Prepared for Climate Change?

We have all recently seen what happens to the road infrastructure when Global Warming events like the recent floods in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria happen. Whole road systems swept away by the fierce torrents of water. In Central parts of Mexico flooding is an annual event. Traditional deep stone road base is always […]

What the is best way to construct a temporary access road?

What the is best way to construct a temporary access road? Temporary access roads are required across and to construction sites. They provide access for heavy construction vehicles carrying materials and equipment needed at the site and occasional movement of tracked construction vehicles. Because these roads are required for only temporary use, they are often […]

Road recycling

The recycling of roads is becoming an increasingly important option for maintenance of highways, for both sustainability and environmental reasons. All UK County Councils should be considering the re-use of road materials in a closed cycle, looking to reduce the use of imported natural materials, previously used in road construction. Cost savings of using recycled […]

Sustainability in the UK Construction Industry

Sustainability in the UK Construction Industry   The words reuse and recycle are two of the most important and misunderstood words in the construction industry today. Perhaps not as exciting though as the terms; carbon offset, digital design, and smart infrastructure. Energy, resources, and materials must be conserved in future construction works. Currently far too […]

Piling Mats for driven, auger and sheet piling applications.

A new soil stabilisation technology is available in the UK; RoadCem zeolite our product enables any available materials including organic topsoil’s, silts, sulphate bearing clays and waste materials to be effectively stabilised to build strong, flexible piling mats for both driven, auger and sheet piles. With this proven time and cost saving technology now available […]

Lime soil stabilisation problems

Department of Civil Engineering Institute of Technology recently carried out a study into the Impact of moisture intrusion on durability of lime stabilized subgrades. They found the following conclusions can be drawn. Observations in the study show that the inherent water holding capacity and high-water affinity of Calcium Silicate Hydrate to be a reason for […]

Replacing cement with waste ash streams in soil stabilisation – less carbon more strength?

Experimental study on the use of RoadCem blended with by-product cementitious materials for stabilisation of clay soils. Authors: Samuel J.Abbey  Eyo U.Eyo  Chukwueloka  A.U.Okeke  Samson Ngambi Highlights Shear strength increases due to the formation of C‑S‑H gel and particle bonding. Cement-GGBS mixtures change stabilisation mechanism from glue to wrapping effect. Mixture of cement, GGBS and […]